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From: polstra!larryba@uunet.UU.NET (Larry Barello)
Subject: Re: Kegs and force carbonating beer
Date: 1992-07-10 18:09:13 GMT

>From uunet!!fbruno Fri Jul 10 09:14:19 1992
>Thanks, I did follow the advice, except I shook while it was still warm.
>I have left it chilling overnight, and periodically made sure that the pressure
>kept at 40lbs (I don't have them actively hooked up to the CO2 tank). They
>should be ast temperatures below 50F. I will shake them more at home. Lastly,
>when I serve them, I keep the pressure at 5-7psi, but what should the storage
>pressure be? Still 5-7psi or leave at 40psi?

You will have to figure the storage pressure by trial and error. 40psi
at 50f will give you 4.5 volumes of CO2 - explosive by any measure!

If you have a british style beer you want ~2 volumes. At 50f
the equilibium pressure is 12lb I store and deliver my beers at 48f and
around 15-18lb. A little fizzy for english, a little flat for german.
No big, I just pour from a great height to kill the carbonation. It
mostly works out in the end. For german beers you want around 2.5-3
volumes which works out to 18-24psi.

The table I am working from comes in the fall 1990 Beverage Peoples News.
Their info line is 1-707-544-2520 (greater fermentations of Santa Rosa).
Perhaps they can give you a back copy? It also has a good discussion of
force carbonating your beer.


- Larry Barello

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