From the HBD Archive
Subject: Re: My jockeybox
Date: 1992-07-10 18:56:00 GMT

Russell writes:
>Gases are *more* soluble in water as temperature drops,
>and I suspect that beer is enough like water for this to hold
>true in brew.

Yes, I agree.

>Perhaps the length of the tubing in the "jockeybox" is the problem.
>The amount of beer sitting in the tubing and the amount of time
>any sip of beer spend sitting in the tubing increase with tubing
>length. 10 feet of tubing with a cross-sectional area of 1 cm2
>will easily accommodate an entire glass of beer.

I think the problem I had was that this was industrial beer being
dispensed continuously from a rented (grungy lines) jockeybox. I still
believe, though, that the pressure would have to be pretty high to get the
CO2 to dissolve into the beer in the keg which is at, say 68F. This
would be much too high a pressure for dispensing the beer. Even
if the beer got to spend a few hours at 50F, so much of the dissolved CO2
would stay in solution when the beer finally came out of the faucet,
the pressure drop may still cause it to foam a lot. That was my
hypothesis regrding the situation presented.

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