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From: pms@Sun.COM (Patrick Stirling [Sun Consulting Services Mtn View])
Subject: Re: sterilising and priming
Date: 1989-10-17 15:54:11 GMT

Well, the old sterilising topic again. I guess every alias and news
group has it's old faithfuls! (old faithsful?). However I'm always
willing to ramble on about what's possibly the single most important
part of brewing. when I started (back in the dawn of time about a year
ago), I soaked everything in a weak (a couple of tablespoons per 5
gallons of water) bleach solution for about 30 mins. Then I switched to
a bottle squirter, with disastrous results: 3 batches went bad after
about 3months in the bottles. So I've returned to the soaking method.
I've used sodium metabisulfite and it seems to work OK, but it's not
nice stuff! Notice the 'weak' in the bleach solution - if it feels
slippery it's too strong!

On to priming. I don't think you need to worry about not having enough
yeast in the bottles. I used a 2 stage ferment: 2-3 days in a 5gal bin
then rack to a glass carboy. Leave fro a couple of weeks and then rack
back into the bin for priming. So there is no sediment in the bin
before bottling. After a week or so in the bottle I get a fine (0.5mm
or less) sediment in each bottle. I've never had a problem with
carbonation. I think that even after a couple of weeks there's still
plenty of yeast in suspension.

I must say, the more I brew and read this alias, the truer Papazians
famous phrase becomes: "Don't worry, relax, have a homebrew"! Actually,
of course it was true all along, it's just me that's changing!

And here's a question to finish up with: what problems, other than
sanitation (or lack thereof) have you had with brews? So far I've only
had one: pitching the yeast at too high a temperature (>90F) seems to
result in incomplete fermentation (i.e. a high final gravity).


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