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From: "Jim Ellingson" <>
Subject: Stainless Steel Brew Pots
Date: 1992-07-10 19:30:43 GMT

Greetings Brew Brethren:

At the risk of restarting the which is closer, Iowa or Minnesota debate }:-),
not to mention the commercialism debate }:-), here goes. This is the best
price I've seen on a restaurant grade stainless steel stock pot. The price
is about 25% less than Superior Product's, for the same brand and model.

Pots: 40 qrt. 19 gauge Polar SS pot @ $67 and lid @ $16 plus shipping
as of Spring '92.

Other stuff: A variety of things from the catalog including
SS pots (from small to gigantic)
Aluminum pots (heavy, professional quality)
Glassware by the dozen (mugs, pints, etc. $8-14/dozen)
Plastic containers in all sizes
Bus and commercial dishwasher trays
Great Rubber Gloves (elbow length)

De Luca's is a wholesale place, may not do a lot of hand-holding.
Also, all sales are final. They will ship, special order, etc.

Address: DeLuca's Restaurant Supply
2700 27th Ave. So.
Minneapolis, MN 55406
612/721-0230 Normal hours plus Saturday Mornings.

I am not employed by, related to or receiving any kind of
compensation from De Lucia's.
- ------------------------------------------------------------------------
Jim Ellingson
AHPCRC/University of Minnesota (612) 626-8087
1100 Washington Ave. So.
Minneapolis, MN 55415
- ------------------------------------------------------------------------

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