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From: (James Dipalma)
Subject: Frank Jones, then and now
Date: 1992-07-10 20:20:00 GMT

Hi all,
This past weekend, while brewing up a festbier, my brewing
partner and I conducted a side-by-side comparison of the older,
contract-brewed by Catamount version of Frank Jones, and the new,
brewed in Portsmouth version.
It seemed to both of us that the older version had both
slightly more hop bitterness, and slightly more hop flavor. It
(the older version) also seemed just a bit lighter in color. Does
anyone know if Frank Jones changed the recipe? Has anyone else
noticed the difference??

BTW, this change will not dissuade me from drinking and
enjoying Frank Jones. IMHO, still a fine beer, even if it is
*shudder* storebought.

p.s. I also posted this article to New England Brewing forum.
Normally, I am loathe to cross-post (shameful waste of bandwidth),
but I had to get my raffle ticket for the maltmill. How many we
up to now, Jack??

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