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Subject: partial mash questions...
Date: 1992-07-09 23:45:02 GMT

Query for the collective consceincousness of the HBD. I have been doing
partial mashes for the last 6 or so batches (2-4 lbs of grain in a gallon
or so of water). One of these days I'll have the money to take it full
scale, but until such a time I have a question about my sparge method.

My current method is to mash the grains in my 5 gallon brew pot for about
one hour at 150-155 degrees. Meanwhile I bring another gallon or so of
water to about 185 degrees in the 3gal pot and then put this into the
bottling bucket. Next I pour the wort through my spagettii strainer,
which is covered with cheese cloth and supended above the 3 gal pot.
After pouring throut the strainer, I move it (now full of grains) to
the 5 gallon pot and pour the wort through the grain bed again, in the
hopes that a nice filter bed has been set. Next I pour the water from
the bottling bucket (while has by now drop to about 170) slowly through
the grains. Sometimes I place a small dish in the center of the grains
so the water does not disturb the grain bed.

What concerns me is that the wort drips down from the strainer to the
kettle bottom. Will this do anything other than possibly darken the
wort? Can anyone suggest improvements to my methods? If I decided to
try an all grain bach could I split my boil between the 5 and 3 gallon

I figure to do 5 gallons all grain I need a better sparge system, a
7-10gallon kettle ( owch! $$$), and of course (let this be #100) a
MALTMILL or the likes. Does anyone out there have an opinion on the
Phil's Sparge sysstem, or any other ready made spargers? Are you
just plain better off making your own?

I've rambled enough,

Walter Gude ||

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