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From: "Allen J. Hainer" <>
Subject: Hop Sediment
Date: 1989-10-17 14:15:46 GMT

I started my second stout last week, I racked it yesterday and it's already
better than any stout I have ever tasted! I have one question though:

I used pelletized hops (5 oz.) and when I racked it, there was a HUGE amount
of sediment. This was not sediment in the normal sense, it was mostly beer
with hops floating in it, but it was still too thick to go through the
siphen. I left a good three inches in the primary. Is it best to just
to just throw this out like I did and not worry about the loss, or should
I have left it in the primary for another week to let it settle a bit better?

I would like to thank Marc San Soucie for his posting on stout in HBD#219
from which I created my recipe.

And for those of you who are interested:

4 kg (8.8#) Unhopped Dark Malt Extract
500 g (1#) Roasted Barley
500 g (1#) Wheat Malt
250 g (1/2#) Black Patent Malt
250 g (1/2#) Chocolate Malt
100 g (4 oz) Bullion (30 min. boil)
25 g (1 oz) Cascade (2 min. boil)

10-10 SG 1.075
10-16 racked, 1.035 and still going

-al (

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