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From: sherpa2!CCASTELL.ELDEC%mailsrv2@sunup.West.Sun.COM (CCASTELL)
Subject: Friday afternoon ramblings
Date: 1992-07-10 22:25:00 GMT

Daniel asks:
> - Can someone suggest any mail order or sources of used tanks,
> especially if someplace has experience with homebrewers and their
> particular needs.

You might try Keg Systems Plus, 2802 E. Madison St. #165, Seattle, WA 98112
(206) 322-2037. He advertises in Zymurgy regularly. I've bought several
items from him, and my wife bought a nifty jockeybox for me for Christmas.
(Double Tap Stainless Steel Cold $229. A little pricey, but it's pretty
efficient. Doesn't require nearly the ice as a coil system.) Used 20 lb
tanks go for $67. Unfortunately, he doesn't sell used 5 lb. You might
also try welding supply houses, and even the classifieds under building

A used tank is the only way to go. The welding supply store where I get
my gas doesn't refill your tank when you take it in. They just exchange
it for another tank that is full. It saves them a lot of time doing it
that way. 5 lbs will probably be fine with only two kegs. I've got
3 five gallons and 5 three gallons, and I have been able to survive with
just 5 lbs, but I am seriously considering adding a 20 lb tank. It seems
like I always run out of gas just before a party or brew-club meeting.

Kevin asks:

> Can anyone add to Al's observations on this topic. I plan to start
> with my next batch of beer. I don't have a place to keep kegs cold. ...
> The kegs will be kept in my cellar at around 65 deg f.

I don't have any long term experience, but I've kept kegs in my garage
(which probably ranges from 60-80 degrees) for a couple of months with
no noticable degradation in quality. (I bought another refer at a
garage sale to take care of the problem, but the damn thing won't work.
Anyone want to recharge my refrigerator in exchange for some beer or
These have been mostly ales, but several of them have been filtered (no
yeast to protect them), and still have survived a month or so at room
temperature. (It probably helps that they're under pressure.)

Charlie (me) asks:

If I can talk my wife into a road trip, does anybody have any suggestions
on where to stay in Portland this coming Friday and Saturday? Something
close to the festival, clean, and if possible a pool (can be VERY small,
but my 2-1/2 year old twins won't be very happy after the 3 hour drive, so
I will need something to get them to lighten up).

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Charles Castellow

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