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Subject: Adding Body to Mead
Date: 1992-07-10 22:39:11 GMT

>> How can one add "body" to a quick mead?

> In my experience, adding more honey (two to four pounds per gallon)
> helps make the flavor more "real". In addition, remember to skim off
> the white and brown foam when it is heating/boiling - that helps keep
> the taste clean.

Adding more honey won't necessarily work. Honey is very fermentable.
That means that you end up with very few unfermentable sugars left
when it is done. Doubling the amount of honey used will double the
unfermentable sugars but will that really make a difference? To get
more body you really have to add enough honey that the alcohol level
gets high enough that the yeast stops working and you have
_unfermented_ honey left over. Using a low-attenuating yeast will
help but you'll never get a 'quick' mead that way. Be careful with
sanitizing bottles too. Any unfermented sugar means danger of bottle

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