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From: (chris campanelli)
Subject: Belgian caramel malts
Date: 1992-07-10 21:57:00 GMT

The latest installment to the Association of Brewer's Classic Beer
Styles Series, Belgian Ale by Pierre Rajotte, makes a brief yet
informative reference to a few of the new Belgian malts that are now
available to homebrewers in the US:

". . . Carapils (10 to 20 EBC, 4 to 8 L) gives added body to light
colored beers and is used mainly in Pilsener brewing. Caravienne (30 to
60 EBC, 12 to 23 L) is used in the brewing of lighter colored Specials
and Abbey type beers. Caramunich or crystal malt (140 to 160 EBC, 53 to
60 L) has a definite coloring effect. Finally, Special B is a highly
colored caramel malt of 300 to 500 EBC (113 to 188 L) and gives a rich
caramel-malt taste. It is used in Scotch ales and stouts brewed under
license in Belgium. Darker Specials and Abbey beers at times use this
type of caramel malt. Its effect is noticeable in beers, giving lots of
additional body and coloring. Beers using Special B have more
well-rounded malt character than beers colored with only "candi" sugar. .
. ."

Those of you who have obtained some of this new and wonderful malt
and don't quite know what to do with it (like me) now have some direction
towards its use.


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