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From: S94WELKER@usuhs
Subject: FL, OH brewpubs; fruit sanitizing suggestion; maltmill
Date: 1992-07-11 01:46:00 GMT

I will be doing some traveling soon; and was hoping to find some brewpubs in
the Fl panhandle or southern AL (is that redundant?). If anyone knows some
good spots, send me a message (and I'll post a summary) or post it, what the
heck. "S94WELKER@USUHSB.BITNET" is my short address.
Second, I have a suggestion for those who hope to sanitize apples for cider...
or any other fruit for brewing. Blanch them. This means "dunk in boiling H2O"
for a while. I think killing off some of the bugs on the surface would give
the yeasties an advantage (and with the other methods suggested, increase the
odds of a large yeast population). I have used this method for strawberries
which were added to my secondary, and I had no infections. For apples,
blanching would have the added advantage of removing wax (added by distribu-
tors) and some of the chemicals (although those are a trivial consideration--
cirrhosis and DUIs are our primary threats).

Finally, I am posting this message at this time because of the maltmill
shenanigans js is pulling. I am hoping I will be the big winner so
I can refuse the prize (being a satisfied extract brewer with no plans to
change). Do you watch ESPN, Jack? Well, now you won't need to.

While the DC area is devoid of brewpubs, we have a number of bars well-stocked
with microbeers (tops is the Brickskeller; 500+ varieties). Travelers to our
city (fair it ain't) should definitely see the place and have one of the 7 SN
products, or Dolle Brewers' Bos Keun.

- --Scott Welker, Pediatrician for a day

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