From the HBD Archive
Subject: # 280 Re: possible problem with priming
Date: 1989-10-17 17:07:22 GMT

Stuart Crawford sez:

>before bottling, I siphoned the wort into a clean container.
>In order to
>minimize the amount of sediment that I transferred to this container,
>I let the
>first cup or so flow into a bottle that I later discarded.
>I am now worried
>that I did not transfer enough yeast to allow carbonation to occur.

There are zillions and zillions of yeasties in your brew producing
carbonation at this very minute. Relax, don't worry and have a brew.

On a side note: if one could so easily isolate yeast by siphoning,
microbiology could have been developed about 500 years earlier.
And we could all have yeast labs in our basements.

[Florian Bell--ale season is over in Central Oregon]

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