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From: Jeff Benjamin <>
Subject: Counterflow chiller plans, killer sparge gadget
Date: 1992-07-12 03:48:19 GMT

I realize this has been asked before, but, like everyone, I didn't save
the discussion because I didn't need it at the time.

Does anyone have plans they can [e]mail me for a counterflow wort
chiller? The concept is pretty straightforward, but it isn't obvious
how to build some of the fittings.

Thanks in advance. As payment, here's a handy tip for you all-grain
brewers out there.

Tonight we just tried out some new lautering hardware that beats the
Zapap lauter tun hands down (Charlie, how could you have lead us astray?
:-). Build a sparge "manifold" out of 1/2" copper tubing with slits in
it that goes in the bottom of the mash tun. When you're done mashing,
simply siphon off the sweet wort and pour the sparge water over the top
of the grain. No need to transfer the mash to another container or
drill holes in you mash pot.

The manifold is made with about 5 feet of tubing, 4 tees, 5 endcaps, one
elbow, and one step-down for matching the size of the plastic hose. We
mash in a round pot, so it looks something like (attempted silly ASCII
graphics follow):

90 deg up \========----->to hose

The horizontal arms have 4-6 slots cut in them, 3/4" apart, facing
downward, and sit in the bottom of the tun. Then the elbow turns up the
side of the tun and connects to the siphoning hose. Standard copper
fittings are tight enough you don't even have to solder. Just cut the
pieces of tubing so that the manifold fits snugly in the bottom of your

It sparges just as well as the Zapap unit, and is easier to use, and
cost only $5 to make. Oh, make sure you put the manifold into the
tun *before* you add the grain, not after.

- --
Jeff Benjamin
Hewlett Packard Co. Fort Collins, Colorado
"Midnight shakes the memory as a madman shakes a dead geranium."
- T.S. Eliot

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