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From: (Scott Bickham)
Subject: Volume Brewers: Any wheat beer recipes?
Date: 1992-07-12 23:23:44 GMT

A couple of brewers in our homebrew club asked for some help
in formulating a recipe for a Weizen or Dunkelweizen. They will be making
a 50 gallon batch, so any tips on doing a sparge with approximately 50 lbs.
of wheat will be very useful.

Since I am on the subject of Weizens, this style, as well as Alt
and Koelsch beers benefit from a cold lagering during the secondary stage.
Since most ale yeasts are almost dormant at 45 F, would it be beneficial
to innoculate the beer with a lager yeast before the lagering period? If
anyone has ever tried this, I would be interested in finding out the results.

Happy Brewing,
Scott (

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