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From: Murray Robinson <>
Subject: Novice brewer needs help
Date: 1992-07-13 02:32:55 GMT

As a novice brewer I have a few questions about home brewing.

1. What are the best sterilsing agents and procedures to use in order to prevent the little airborne nasties infecting my brew.

2. If one brews from commercially available kits and then adds additional driedmalt to the brew (instead of sugar) can you experience problems with the yeast not being capable of fully fermenting the liquor due to high malt content? (if yes - how do you overcome it? )

3. What's with this racking the beer after primary fermentation? In Australia, no one mucks around with this step. I know it is supposed to allow for a much clearer beer but aren't you increasing the chance of infection? If anyone does use this method with success can you please let me know exactly what steps you go through in terms of sterilisation, when to rack, how long , etc.

4.Does anyone out there have a list of the various hops varieties available and whether their use is suitable for enhancing aroma or bitterness or both?

5. Can anyone give me the address and fax number of zymurgy so that I may subscribe?

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Murray Robinson
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