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From: ssi!mtd@uunet.UU.NET (Michael T. Daly)
Subject: Bay Area Bottled Beers
Date: 1992-07-13 20:44:20 GMT

Thanks to Nick for the further info. Also, thanks Russ for
the list of places to shop (and not shop). Now for the tough
problem. Suppose I walk into one of these places and there
in front of me is a set of shelves with 50 (ok, I'm dreaming, maybe
20) different local beers. Which are worth packing up and
bringing back to Wisconson on the airplane?

I have had some of the Anchor and SN products, and I plan on looking
for additional varieties which they don't ship (I found the SN Mai Bock
in Ft. Collins CO. Very nice. Almost convinced me to start lagering.).

I have had mixed impressions of the San Andreas Brewing Co's Richter
Scale Ale -- the first year was very good, the last one I had tasted
like orange juice....I think I'll skip them. I seem to remember
that Devil's Mt. is out of business....too bad, I liked their porter.
I'll get some of the Dead Cat Alley (or what ever they call themselves)
products, but I still have a half of a suitcase left....suggestions?

I am especially interested in varieties which I can buy in less than
6packs -- 10 different 6packs leads to either lots of fat about the
nether regions (and problems walking) or leaving something behind
(not to mention the serious sudden dent in the wallet).

(Russ mentioned Anderson Valley, Winchester, Rogue and Mendocino. Who else?)


Black Swan Femto-brewery,
A Member of the Hamilton Ave. Homebrewers Association.

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Supercomputer Systems Inc. 1414 W. Hamilton Ave. Eau Claire, WI 54701
There are two kinds of people in this world.....Cannibals and Lunch.

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