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From: ncrcae!brew@devine.ColumbiaSC.NCR.COM (Jim Griggers)
Subject: Beating a dead silicone, sanitizers
Date: 1992-07-14 00:17:38 GMT

My silicone sealant that is manufactured by Dow Corning and marketed by DAP
has this on its label:
SAFE FOR FOOD CONTACT: When cured and washed, ingredients
which remain or which could migrate
to food are listed in FDA Regulation
No. 21 CFR 177.2600.
There is also nothing in the Material Safety Data Sheet that would indicate
food contact should be avoided. I don't have a copy of the FDA regulation,
so I don't know what chemicals are available for migration. I personally
would not worry about the short term exposure of wort leaching something
poisonous from cured RTV.

Chris Lyons asked about an alternative to chlorine in sanitizers. I have
just switched to Iodophor because of a recommendation by George Fix. In the
recommended concentrations, rinsing is not needed. I have only used this for
my last batch which is still in the primary, so I can't confirm its efficacy.
Price wise, it if fairly expensive. I bought a case of 6, 1/2 liter bottles
for about $30, which I figure is a lifetime supply. One quarter fluid ounce
of Iodophor makes 2 1/2 gallons of solution with 12.5 ppm titratable iodine.

I was going to post on my home-made temperature controller for a refrigerator
that used a Hunter programmable thermostat. The nice thing about it over
the Air-Stat is that the set point can be set lower than 40F. However, it
is no longer available and the new Hunter thermostats have a "feature" in
which the a/c control is turned off below 45F.

>From the land of 80F tap water and the fifth straight day over 100F,

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PS to Jeff Frane: Anchor Steam is now available in South Carolina as of about
two weeks ago. We still cannot get Liberty Ale, however.
Thanks for giving me my first and only taste of Libery Ale
at the AHA conference.

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