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From: John Francisco <>
Subject: Jockey Box
Date: 1992-07-14 14:56:48 GMT

I,ve been using a jockey box that I bought from Foxx for several years
now. The trick to pouring beer with a nice creamy head and retaining
a nice level of carbonation is to run the CO2 pressure at 21 lbs.
You need this high level of pressure because your draft lines are very
long. If the pressure is not sufficient, the CO2 escapes from the beer
because there is not enough pressure to keep it in suspension. The CO2
pressure actually drops over the distance that the beer has to travel
and by the time it reaches your tap it's at the proper pressure. A lot
of people mistakenly think that when they have their first tapping
system that if they're getting a lot of foam when pouring a beer that
the pressure is too high - it's just the opposite, it's too low. There
is a formula, which eludes just now, for calculating line pressure but
the standard pressure for 20 to 30 feet of draft line is 21 lbs, start
at this pressure first and then adjust - if still a little too foamy
then raise it a few pounds.
I keg my beer in Cornelious kegs and bottles but the kegged beer tastes
much fresher and the head is always creamier. I have also setup a refrig-
erator system. If anyone has any questions about any of these systems,
I would be happy to answer your questions. I,ve been using these kegging
systems now for almost ten years.

May your beer give you good head!!!

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