From the HBD Archive
Subject: Wyeast wheat
Date: 1992-07-14 14:56:00 GMT

John asks about Wyeast wheat yeast.

I've used this once, fermented at 69F and got no clove character.
I've since spoken to several others who have used it, as well as
a few posts in HBD awhile ago, and the consensus is that you need
to ferment at a higher temperature, say, 75F or 80F to get the clove
character. Wyeast wheat yeast (#3056, I believe) is a mixture of
S. cerevisiae and S. Delbrueckii. It's the Delbrueckii that gives
the beer that clove character so necessary for the Bavarian Weizen
style. It appears, from what I've read and heard, that higher temps
favor the Delbrueckii.

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