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From: (Tony Babinec)
Subject: brewing your own sierra nevada pale ale
Date: 1992-07-14 18:00:36 GMT

This recipe ought to get you close. Try it, see how the beer turns out,
and then make changes.

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, the bottle product, has a starting gravity of
1.052, while Sierra Nevada Draught Ale, the draft product, has an SG of
1.048. The draft product tastes a bit sweeter, too. Malts in the grain bill
include pale malt, crystal malt, and dextrine malt (aka cara-pils). Hops
used are Perle and Cascade. The yeast is their own, which you can culture
from the bottle or obtain as Wyeast "American" ale.

So, for a 5-gallon batch, assuming 75% extraction efficiency, try this:

9 pounds U.S. 2-row pale malt
0.5 pounds crystal malt (60L)
0.25-0.5 pounds cara-pils malt

1 ounce Perle (alpha=6.5), 60 minutes until end of boil
0.5 ounce Cascade (alpha=6.3), 15 minutes until end of boil
0.5 ounce Cascade (alpha=6.3), end of boil

Wyeast "American" ale

Mash at starch conversion temperature of 153/5 degrees F.

Comments: the crystal malt is fairly dark for some color, the cara-pils
is there for added body and sweetness. But, don't overdo it with the
specialty grains. The relatively high starch conversion temperature will
promote body and sweetness. Perles are the signature bittering hop, while
Cascades are for flavor and aroma. If I remember, SNPA comes in at about
32-35 IBUs, and the above hop schedule should get you in the ballpark. I
don't believe Chico dry-hops SNPA, but go ahead if you so desire.

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