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From: "Steve, dtn 226-2718" <>
Subject: Source for reconditioned CO2 tanks
Date: 1992-07-14 17:52:01 GMT

In HBD #921 Dan Roman asked about a source for a source for used CO2 tanks.

There's a company called Bev-Con International (BCI) which lists
reconditioned CO2 cylinders (2.5, 5, 10, 15, 20, 50 pound sizes) in their
catalog. I acquired their catalog/price list through the N.H. based Brew
Free or Die homebrew club. As an example of their prices, the price list I
have lists a 5# reconditioned cylinder for $32.50 (I don't know if this
includes the cap/valve). I haven't looked extensively at a lot of
catalogs/brochures that carry kegs and CO2 cylinders, but in all that I have
seen, this is the first place that I noticed that sells reconditioned CO2

Anyway, the contact information:

Bev-Con International
6400 Highway 51 South
P.O. Box 396
Brighton, TN 38011

Phone: (901) 476-8000
WATS: (800) 284-9410
FAX: (901) 476-4811

In addition to CO2 cylinders, their price list includes various makes of
beverage tanks (ex. Cornelius) in various sizes, as well as many different
types of standard 1/4 & 1/2 size barrels.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with BCI and in fact I haven't bought
anything from BCI (yet), so this is not even a recommendation. I was
recently helping someone else look for a source for reconditioned CO2
cylinders so that's why I noticed BCI sells them and why I have the

happy kegging!

Steve Kennedy Email:
Digital Equipment Corp. -or-
30 Porter Road (LJO2/I4) -or- ...!decwrl!!kennedy
Littleton, MA 01460 Phone: (508) 486-2718

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