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From: "Brett Lindenbach" <>
Subject: yeast, again
Date: 1992-07-14 22:21:48 GMT

Subject: Time:4:18
OFFICE MEMO yeast, again
Brewers! I have noticed the topic of reusing yeast has come up again,
and would like to comment, as I have had some success with this
technique. When bottling, I dump the yeast from the bottom of the
carboy into sterile bottles, cap, and keep refrigerated. A few days
ahead of brewing, I pitch into some sanitary wort (Premade, bottled,
and refrigerated) to make a starter. When this topic last came up,
people said to use the yeast within 3 weeks of refrigerating, but I
have had no trouble resuscitating a 3 mo. old culture. Also, someone
(Al, I think) mentioned washing the yeast with sanitary water. I have
tried this, but found no great advantage. Any junk in the yeast settles
out (just be careful when pitching into starter), will settle out of
the starter (also pour carefully), not to mention diluted into 5 gal.
of wort. Reusing in this way has produced much shorter lag times than
when I used to keep agar plates (although single colony starters can't
be beat for strain purity). I have kept a Chimay culture, a Chico
(WYeast), and German lager (WYeast) going serially for several batches,
and only keep a library of stock plates as backup. By the way, I have
detected no contamination by colony morphology and microscopy. The one
caveat I must add is to practice better than average sanitation.
Anyways, IMHO maintaining yeast strains is better than buying new
because with time, the yeast become well adapted to you, your setup,
and your beer. It truly makes a yeast your own. -Brett

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