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From: Jeff Benjamin <>
Subject: Re: Blueberry Beer
Date: 1992-07-15 03:24:05 GMT

John Cotterill asks:

> 1) Does anyone have a good recipe for Blueberry beer? There is a local
> contest coming up that features fruit beers, and I would like to brew one
> up. An all grain recipe is preferable, but a good extract recipe would be ok.

Here's a blueberry beer I made recently. The blueberry character isn't
as pronounced as I'd like; I think it's partly because the berries
weren't particularly ripe. The fruit is very subtle, and imparts a
pleasing wine-like characteristic and acidity. I thought a brown ale
would lend itself well to the blueberries, and I must say I'm happy
with the combination.

Brown and Blue Ale

6.5 lbs pale malt
.5 lbs wheat malt
.75 lbs 80L crystal malt
4 oz black patent malt (uncracked)
2 oz roasted barley (uncracked)
1 oz Goldings (4.9% alpha)
.5 oz Fuggles (4.5% alpha)
5 lbs fresh blueberries
WYeast #1084 (Irish ale)

Procedure: mash in 2 gal. at 130F, protein rest 30 min at 125F, add
1.25 gal, mash 30 min at 150F, raise temp to 158F until converted (15
min), mash out 10 min at 170F.
Sparge with 4 gallons to yield 5.5 gal at 1.046. Add Fuggles and .75
oz of Goldings after 20 minutes of boil, boil 60 min, add last .25 oz of
Goldings and boil 15 min more.
Rinse blueberries in a dilute sulfite solution (after weeding out the
fuzzy ones), puree, and add to primary along with yeast.

This gave me 5.5 gal of beer with OG 1.046 not counting the blueberries
(how the heck do you measure gravity with all those solids in there?).
There was lots of blueberry aroma coming from the fermenter the first
couple of days, but not very much when I racked after 4 days. I bottled
after 4 more days in the secondary, at a FG of 1.010.

I think lots of aroma volatiles got lost with all the outgassing in the
primary; I think next time I may wait to add the berries to the
secondary. I may also skip the roasted barley, and use only .5 lb of
40L crystal so the blue from the berries is more obvious.

The next batch is going to be a cherry wheat, with lots of tart
baking cherries in the secondary and a looong maceration. Yum!

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Jeff Benjamin
Hewlett Packard Co. Fort Collins, Colorado
"Midnight shakes the memory as a madman shakes a dead geranium."
- T.S. Eliot

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