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From: Jon Binkley <binkley@beagle.Colorado.EDU>
Subject: Re: Wheat Beers
Date: 1992-07-15 03:49:01 GMT (John Freeborg) writes:

>With summer in full swing I plan to do a wheat beer. I picked up the special
>Wyeast wheat beer yeast, but have yet to get the wheat malt. From reading
>in Miller's book it says for a wheat beer that you must use 6-row malt in the
>mash with the wheat. The reasoning is that the wheat has no enzymes to break
>down the sugars, and 6-row has a ton of enzymes (compared to 2-row anyways).

Wheat malt has plenty of enzymes. The potential problem is that
wheat is more glutanous, and has less husk material, so may end
up sticking up your sparge. Using 6-row might help alleviate this
because the larger amount of husks would break up the grain bed.

>What is the hbd consensus? Any great wheat recipes people swear by?

I've never had any trouble with stuck sparges, or with extract
effeciency, and I don't use 6-row. I've used 5:5 wheat:British 2-row,
and 6:4 wheat:Munich malt, and both methods ran smooth as silk.
I should point out that I use a picnic cooler lauter tun. The
design of this helps to avoid stuck sparges, in that the
liquor flows up through the bottom of the copper tubing- the
grain bed is not sitting right on the drainage holes. A standard
lauter tun might be more of a problem with wheat malt.

One tip- whatever malt you decide to use, do a protein rest!

>What do other people think of the Wyeast wheat beer yeast?

I think it's great.

Jon Binkley

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