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From: (Carlo Milono)
Subject: Sparge & Decoction
Date: 1992-07-15 03:51:20 GMT

Dear Netland!

I have about fifty batches under my belt, and the last twenty or so
have been all-grain. I have four decoction/all-grain batches that have
been exquisite! I am curious about something though, that has just now
crossed my mind: in decoction, you literally BOIL your grains, and in
doing a 'tasteless' American Lager knock-off, I used half 6row and half
2row pale lager malt; it has been said that the 6row has thicker husks
and will provide better filtering at the grain-bed, but that the tannins
can be bothersome. Also mentioned, is that your sparge water should not
be too hot or else you will extract tannins, yes?
Well, the recipe calls for 6row (high tannin) grain, and decoction
which boils the grain - sounds like I'll be chewing on a tea-bag, eh?
In actuality, all the decoction recipes have been marvelous - a Bohemian
Pilsner (Urquell Clone), a Michelob/Weinharts clone, a Maerzen, and a
Bock - no bitterness associated with tannins, no chill haze...please
explain! I use a triple decoction - classic Noonan - with Dough-in,
Acid Rest, Protein Rest, Starch Conversion, and the final mash-out.

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