From the HBD Archive
From: (Aaron Birenboim)
Subject: Vinegar making
Date: 1992-07-15 14:01:37 GMT

Has anybody out there made vinegar? My bottle of mother of vinegar
seems to indicate that this bacteria is aerobic, and should be fermented
with a cotton gauze "lock" which will allow O2 to diffuse. Is this a good

Also... I have some X-mas ale around... and I bet that it would
make EXCELLENT vinegar. Only one problem.... lots O hops. Will
the hops kill the acetobacter? (they are a preservative ya know)

How much alchahol can acetobacter tolerate? The bottle says to dilute
wine 2:1.... but what strength wine??? I have pitched some into
2 meads, one of about 6% alchahol (vol) and the other at about 8% ish...
but its hard to tell since i fermented fruit pulp, and couled not get
an O.G. Will the vinegar be strong enough with 4% alchahol? If you
figure most wine is about 12%, dilute 2:1 you get 4%.

thanks for any pointers (or maltmills) you can give me,


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