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From: wtm@hpfcrn
Subject: Priming techniques
Date: 1989-10-20 14:17:54 GMT

> From: roberts%studguppy@LANL.GOV

> 2. Priming: I know Papazian recommends the use of 3/4 cup of corn
> sugar for priming a five gallon batch, but I swear that I can notice a
> cidery flavor imparted by the corn sugar that doesn't age out for a
> month or two. On the other hand, when I prime with 3/4 cup of light
> dry malt extract (dry krausening?) there is no overtaste. Has anyone
> else observed this?

The first half dozen or so batches I made were primed with corn sugar,
and had a faintly detectable sweet flavor I couldn't define. "Cidery"
is as good a word as any to describe it. I can't claim to have an
educated palate, but the sweetness didn't contribute to the enjoyability
of the beer. So I experimented with priming with some of the original
"sweet wort" that I withheld before pitching. It involves some
measurement and not a little care, but I've not had any problems with
uncarbonated beer nor with exploding bottles. And the sweetness is

Bill Mullaney
(303) 229-2758

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