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From: scojam@scojam.Auto-trol.COM (Scott James.)
Subject: Yeast culture idea & Mailing club
Date: 1992-07-15 16:06:03 GMT

I've got two ideas to run past HBD'ers:

1) Anybody ever hear of or tried to culture yeast in Tofu as a growing medium?
Tofu is basically compressed soy bean curds and is high in protein (My Dad
used to use it all the time in gourmet cooking, and pizza...) You can get
it at most grocery stores, usually a pound for a couple dollars. A lot
cheeper than agar, maybe it would work?

2) I think this was discussed before, if so please forgive...
Does anyone know what the legal ramifications/contraints are for mailing
bottles of brew through US snail mail? This could be a wonderful opportunity
for people to share not only ideas and techniques, but also the brew itself.
I would think it also "sticks in peoples' minds" when they have a taste to
match with what they're reading...

Just thinking...

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Scott James (N0LHX) scojam@Auto-Trol.COM
Auto-Trol Technology Tools Group
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