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Subject: Sam Adams' attitude
Date: 1992-07-15 16:45:00 GMT

Michael writes:
>Boston Brewing Co. is definitely a brewery with an attitude. They are
>decidedly snooty about beer, and about their beer in particular.

And then later goes on to say:
>I must admit that, even though I was a bit put off
>by their cockiness, I really like their beers.

Generally, I don't like anyone (or any company) that has an attitude,
but given that Boston Brewing Co. is up against zillions of dollars
in advertising from the bland, industrial brewers, I would do the same
in their place. It takes a lot to change the tastes of Americans and
luckily some inroads have been made, Sam Adams brews included. The
left coast seems to have gotten it together already. The Boulder area
(in my understanding) is not too far behind. The right coast also
has made some progress. Alas, we here at the land-locked middle
coast have a long way to go yet. Samuel Adams brews are available in
relatively few places -- Baderbrau in relatively few also -- only a
handfull of beer retail stores carry anything but industrial beers.

Although I wish BBC's tactics were not necessary, I must reluctantly
approve, for the good of beer in America. Just think, if a beer like
Samuel Adams Boston Lager became as commonplace as Budweiser is now,
good beer in America would be the rule rather than the exception.


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