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Subject: Sam Adams Cream Stout & Tours
Date: 1992-07-15 19:17:30 GMT

Michael L. Hall Writes:

> and possibly a Cream Stout (they had just made a
>small batch when I was there). Alas, they had no samples of their other
>brews for sale (believe me, I searched).

I ALWAYS make a trip to Doyle's Pub (about two blocks from the
brewery, get walking directions while you're there) when I take the
tour. They have excellent food and _ALL_ of the Sam Adams products
available (Where do you think those batches of experimental cream stout
go?) I've been able to get the Cream stout there every time I've been
and they usually have the Cranberry beer on tap at least 2 months after
is sells out in the stores. I don't know why they don't go ahead and
release the Cream stout - I like it better than Watney's Cream. The
tour guide also usually mentions that the Sunsett Grill has a complete
set of Sam Products on tap as well.

I have found that the tour guides tend to varry greatly in their
expertise. I've been 3 times and twice had a simillar experience as
Michael. Once I was treated to a truely knowledgeable guide - answered
every question I could ask. Tour all you want - they'll give more. It's
the most beer you can get for a buck!

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