From the HBD Archive
From: (Jeff Frane)
Subject: Some AHA News
Date: 1992-07-15 19:22:49 GMT

In reference to a couple of AHA-related questions in a recent Digest
(who knows when this will actually get posted, thanks to maltmill mania
- --and a rooty toot to you, Jack):

Next year's AHA Conference will, indeed, be held in beautiful downtown
Portland, Oregon. There was a delay in confirmation as the Park Bureau
was jerking the Brewers Festival around about dates when they could use
the park area alongside the Willamette. The 1993 Festival will be held
July 30, 31 and August 1. The conference will be held during the week
leading up the the Festival. Be prepared for a LOT of beer, folks.

Good beer, too, I might add; after all this is Portland. :-)

The AHA does not have a generic e-mail address, although the two
CompuServe accounts given here are reachable. We have been encouraging
the AHA to add a few accounts and it would be nice if they got a net
connection. They are actively involved with the CompuServe Beer Forum,
and have a special section in the file library there. Sysop Robin Garr
also subscribes to the Digest and would love to give you information
about accessing any of that information, I'm sure. Wouldn't you, Robin?

- --Jeff Frane

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