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From: lgold@Cadence.COM (Lynn Gold)
Subject: Beer yeast and dogs
Date: 1992-07-15 18:25:04 GMT

I changed the subject to "beer yeast" because "brewer's yeast" is a
VERY different product from the yeast we brew with.

I discovered the benefits to letting my dog (a 10lb Bichon Frise) tipple
a little when I was bottling one of my brews.

I was doing this on my porch, spilling (as we often do) some of the wort
as I was siphoning it into the bottles. Fuzzball came by and started
licking up the spillage.

Before this, Fuzzball was VERY tasty to fleas. After this, her flea problem
magically disappeared. Since this was the only change to her diet, I knew
I'd come on to something. Now whenever I open a bottle, I let Fuzzball have
the sediment. She enjoys it, and as long as I drink enough :-), she doesn't
have fleas.

- --Lynn

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