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From: (Edward C. Bronson)
Subject: The MALTMILL Winner and Digest Contents
Date: 1992-07-16 04:41:04 GMT

Congratulations Sheridan!

According to my analysis, Sheridan J. Adams ( wins
the MALTMILL by submitting a cynical discussion about sassafras and
laboratory rats on July 9, 1992 at 10:33 AM.

I am certain that many, many Digesters were counting along with me.
When counting, it is important to note that the Contents listed at the
top of each Digest does not always tell an accurate story. The Contents
is only a list of all Subject lines that appear anywhere within any
submission. If a submission does not include a Subject line, it is not
listed in the Contents. If a submission contains multiple Subject lines,
the submission is listed multiple times in the Contents. Both of these
inaccuracies occurred within the Digests leading up to Number 100.
Here's the counts that I got:
#918: 15 submissions, 15
#919: 23 submissions, 38
#920: 27 submissions, 65
#921: 25 submissions, 90
#922: 42 submissions

Sheridan's winning entry was the 10th submission in Digest #922.

I mention all of this for two reasons:

1) A submission in #923 mentions counts that are wrong.

2) Most importantly, to keep the Digest Contents accurate and useful,
each submission should contain one and only one line starting with
the word "Subject". This line should be chosen by the author to
accurately inform digesters of the submissions's contents.

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