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Subject: Colorado Brewer's Festival/dog yeast
Date: 1992-07-16 15:53:12 GMT

In response to Rick Meyers' review: Sounded more negative than my
experience. This year's festival drew an estimated 20,000 brew fans
and wanna be's: almost twice the crowd of last year. The organizer's
definitely got the system down this year. Rick also mentioned his
dissapointment with the beer selection. This point and his earlier
statement about lines being reduced from 20-30 min last year to 5 min
this year are directly related. Imagine, if you will, 10,000 people
approaching one of 20 brew stands, all having a choice of three or more
brews. "I'll have your porter. Or bitter is your pale ale?
Is your stout sweet or dry? Can I have a sip first?....." What
happens is you get a beer and go to the end of the next line and sip
while you wait. This year each brewer offered only one of their brews.
The result: one line per beer. Enough said.

My impression of the festival was that 22 beer selections and 20,000
people with three live bands can only lead to a GREAT time. Perhaps as
the festival grows in popularity, the planners will have the facilities
to again allow each brewer to offer a selection of brews. If you have
a chance to go next year, do it.

Regarding wether or not trub needs to be treated before given to fido.
I have been giving the warm, spent grain, as well as the yeast trub at
the bottom of my fermenter to my dogs since I started brewing. They
love it!! (Major roughage!)
Mark Abshire

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