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From: localhost!davevi@uunet.UU.NET (David Van Iderstine)
Subject: Re: Yellowing Hops
Date: 1992-07-16 16:18:09 GMT

Hops are subject to "wilt", a disease that spreads from the ground up. I
ordered and planted Cascades from Freshops in Oregon, and they recommended
training the hops straight up for at least 6' before going horizontal, and
then (when the vines are leafy enough) removing all the leaves between 6'
and ground. This will prevent the wilt from spreading upward. For the first
year, though, the plants are not really energetic enough to grow that fast
or large quickly enough, so I've been plucking the leaves as they show
symptoms. Next year, the plants will have a more extensive root system,
and will grow quickly enough to "escape" the wilt.

Oh, they also recommended, after the first year, to prune the first growth
off, in favor of "more hardy" second growth.

Dave Van Iderstine

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