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From: sxs32@po.CWRU.Edu (Subbakrishna Shankar)
Subject: Hop vine pruning and lagering refrigerator
Date: 1992-07-16 17:28:58 GMT

Congratulations, Jack. You certainly stirred up interest in HBD
during the summer doldrums.

A few weeks ago I was complaining here that my hop rhizomes weren't
growing, so naturally they are now growing all too well. I have assiduously
pruned back new shoots after letting 2 or 3 climb on twine, and now there
are 3-5 ft vines from each rhizome. At the junction of each leaf pair with
vine, however, there are new shoots orthogonal to the leaves. Since these
shoots develop leaves, etc., and appeared to be new vines I have been nipping
them in the bud, so to speak. It just dawned on me that these might be the
beginnings of flower cones, so I'm "shooting" myself in the foot. In
pictures that I've seen of flowering hops, though, I've never seen leaves
on the "burrs" that go from the vine to flowers. Any thoughts from
experienced hop growers? Anyone with a climate similar to Cleveland
getting flowers already?

I have been contemplating getting a cheap fridge and a Hunter
Airstat for both lagering and an eventual kegging setup. I recently saw
someone suggest a chest type freezer instead of an upright fridge. I am
concerned, however, that getting 5 gal of beer in and out or an chest type
unit will be difficult, and that the height of the chest will not be
sufficient. Any experience?

Thanks in advance.

- --
Subba Shankar
E-mail: (Internet) U.S. Snail: Dept. of Neurosciences
Voice: (216)368-2195 Case Western Reserve U.
FAX: (216)368-4650 Cleveland, OH 44106

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