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From: (John DeCarlo)
Subject: Re: Why Wait for the Boil?
Date: 1992-07-17 12:56:10 GMT

>From: (Tim P McNerney)

>Why do most sources suggest adding the malt extract once the
>water has started boiling? Is there any advantage to adding it
>then? I did so last time, but was a bit slow with the stirring
>and ended up with quite a mess from burnt extract and would much
>rather add the extract when the water is warm.

OK, here is my understanding--others will correct me where I am
wrong <g>.

1) The warmer the water, the easier it is to dissolve the
2) The extract will burn if it sits on the bottom of the pot
while there is high heat being applied.

Therefore, you want to stir the extract into very warm water not
on the heat. That is why the advice is to get the water boiling
(it won't get any hotter than that), take it off the heat, stir
in the extract (previously warmed up), put it back on the heat
when it is all stirred up (no more sitting on the bottom of the

With a flame, just turn off the flame. With an electric heating
element, you have to lift the pot off the hot element until no
more extract is on the bottom of the pot.

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