From the HBD Archive
From: "Stephen J. Vogelsang" <>
Subject: Where to get started?
Date: 1992-07-17 15:16:18 GMT

Hi all,
I am new to this beer brewing stuff, and would like some tips on how
to get started. Any info would be helpful. What equipment I need,
where to get grains and other ingredients, how to store the beer, etc.
If you can direct me to a good publication on the subject that would be
great. If you happen to be in the Pittsburgh area and can lead me to
sources for ingredients and equipment, that would be most appreciated.
I don't know whether it matters, but I would like to brew some stouts
and porters (just because I seem to like these type of beer in general).
I know absolutely nothing about the process of brewing beer other than
the fact that you have some grains and some yeast, so keep any info on a
beginners level.


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