From the HBD Archive
From: (Jeff Frane)
Subject: Please No More Offers!
Date: 1992-07-17 17:26:13 GMT

Jack et al:

Please, Jack, I'm sure your heart was in the right place, but... the key
to a good, interesting Digest is not quantity, but quality. The reason
that certain issues of the Digest are interesting is because the people
who are contributing are _involved_ in the discussion. This may keep
the volume down (which, admit it, makes it easier to read through the
Digest in a reasonable period), but it also keeps the discussion lively
and current. Right now, I've been waiting for three days for my
response to someone to be posted -- and the Digest has been filled with
people who are posting comments purely to enter the maltmill lottery.

I can't see what good this is doing, particularly if these people -- who
have previously been silent here -- go back to reading and never

So, Jack, please if you want to give away malt mills, do so, but don't
tell anyone that's what you're planning. Let people contribute to the
Digest because they have something to say, and allow the normal
day-to-day fluctuations in volume to continue. That way people can get
back to asking questions and getting responses in a day or two, rather
than in a week. And I, for one, can stop reading endless postings of
"Did I win?"

- --Jeff

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