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From: (Glenn Tinseth)
Subject: All Grain is Expensive (NOT)
Date: 1992-07-17 19:00:23 GMT

I hear this sentiment about all grain brewing often--it's expensive. I will
summarize what I spent and let you judge for yourself. I used Dave Miller's
book for a reference. Here goes.

Boiling kettle: 33 qt enamelware $30
Mash tun: 20 qt enamel ware $15
Lauter tun: 2-5 gal plastic buckets $ 3 each
plastic spigot $ 4
"ensolite" pad (insulation) $ 5
Box for mash tun: 4' x 4' x 1/4" plywood $ 7
spray-in insulation $ 4
Corona mill $13 (Goodwill)
Pulleys and motor for corona (I'm lazy) $10 (ditto)

I save between $5 and $15 on each 5 gal batch(I buy grain in bulk). I
have made 30 batches with this equipment and couldn't be happier. I use a 60
qt camp cooler for holding my hot sparge water and do a gravity feed with the
cooler up high, the lauter tun in the middle and boiler down low. BTW the way,
beers made with this equip *have* done well in competitions. The only reason
I'll change is to get bigger, i.e. 1/2 barrel size.


Glenn Tinseth

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