From the HBD Archive
Subject: Phil's Sparge
Date: 1992-07-17 17:15:00 GMT

A few days ago I posted a description of my partial mash techniques and
a query about commerially available sparging systems (Phil's being one).
After this post I didn't recieve the HBD's for a few days. This was the
end of last week when Rob explained out the postings swamping his
programs. So, I don't know if this post was lost to the world, is
still in the queue or got posted and I missed it and any responses
due to my lose of the HBD for a few days.

Did anybody see this post? Can anyone comment on Phil's (or the likes)
sparging system? I'm thinking it may be wise to start with a pre-made
sparge system and then modify and/or replace it as I become more adept.

If my original post comes through after I send this off, my apologies for
waste of bandwidth.

Walter Gude ||

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