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From: Mark N. Davis <mndavis@pbhya.PacBell.COM>
Subject: Stainless Steel Pot solution ?
Date: 1992-07-18 00:38:15 GMT

Steve sez:

> I am looking for a source for a large, stainless brewpot to use for a full
> boil. What size do most people use, 8-10 gallon? I know I could find
> something at a restaurant supply store but it would probably cost over $100.
> I think I have read here that some people have used old kegs with the top
> cut off. Is this true? What kind of kegs are they? Anybody have any other
> ideas for brewpots? It doesn't have to be pretty but cheap would be nice.

I have heard of an interesting solution. Find an old water heater and make sure
that it is stainless steel lined, which is supposedly fairly common. Then you
simply saw it off at what ever level you prefer, giving you a boiling pot up
to maybe 40 gallon capacity. The beauty of this is that the unit comes complete
with a nice stand and best yet - a built in burner! Just hook this puppy up
to a gas line (refrain from ingesting home brews previous to this part) and
fire it up. One other addition that you might need is to add a drain spigot
if the model that you have doesn't already have one. Overall, this is a rather
inexpensive (assuming you find a junker water heater that will work), and not
overly difficult project to create for yourself.
Disclaimer: I've never actually seen one of these in use...

Lager daze,

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