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From: (Steve Piatz)
Subject: Re: adjusting specific gravity
Date: 1992-07-20 13:40:14 GMT

in HOMEBREW Digest #926

>From: (Jack Schmidling)
>Subject: Malt, Correction, Kegs

> >From: (Steve Piatz)
> >Subject: Adjusting specific gravity
> How often, I have wanted such info, primarily in winemaking. You have,
> indeed done us a service.
> Just for the record....
> > Dilution By 50%
> Is taken to mean... adding 5 gals to a ten gallon batch or adding 10 gallons
> to a 10 gal batch?

50% is adding 5 gallons to a 10 gallon batch (increasing H2O by 50%)

Steve Piatz

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