From the HBD Archive
From: (John DeCarlo)
Subject: Dishwashers and Sanitation
Date: 1992-07-20 13:41:13 GMT

Philip Seitz writes:

>At the moment I use heat to sanitize my bottles (actually, I
>bake them), and have avoided using the dishwasher for this
>purpose because the water does not reach the required
>temperature of 170 F. Given the above information about the
>detergent, does this mean that using the dishwasher is an
>effective way to sanitize bottles?

I think the consensus was that while the dishwasher may not
effectively *clean* your bottles, it can do a good job of
*sanitizing* them if it has a "heated dry" type cycle. The steam
from that cycle should sanitize quite nicely.

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