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From: (John DeCarlo)
Subject: Mead Yeast Nutrients
Date: 1992-07-20 13:41:38 GMT

I have since misplaced my copy, but one of Byron Burch's
advertisements (in the form of a newspaper, with articles and
such), mentioned a special Mead Yeast that they carry.

The gist of the article was that without proper nutrients, it
takes a long time for mead to ferment. And that if you used a
beer yeast nutrient set, it would give a harsh taste that would
take a lot of aging to remove. Therefore, using a special mead
yeast would get you that wonderfully-aged mead taste in much less
than a year.

Before I embark on such a proposition, has anyone tested this new
yeast nutrient formulation and found it significantly better for
their meads?

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