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From: Greg.Winters@EBay.Sun.COM (Greg Winters)
Subject: Re: Bay Area Bottled Beers
Date: 1992-07-20 15:58:25 GMT

Michael T. Daly writes...

>I have had some of the Anchor and SN products, and I plan on looking
>for additional varieties which they don't ship (I found the SN Mai Bock
>in Ft. Collins CO. Very nice. Almost convinced me to start lagering.).

>I have had mixed impressions of the San Andreas Brewing Co's Richter
>Scale Ale -- the first year was very good, the last one I had tasted
>like orange juice....I think I'll skip them. I seem to remember
>that Devil's Mt. is out of business....too bad, I liked their porter.
>I'll get some of the Dead Cat Alley (or what ever they call themselves)
>products, but I still have a half of a suitcase left....suggestions?

> (Russ mentioned Anderson Valley, Winchester, Rogue and Mendocino. Who else?)

IMHO - Leave the Dead Cat (Piss) beer alone. They have had a serious infection
problem for a long time. Devil Mountain can't be out of business as I had their
Railroad Ale yesterday at the California Small Brewers Festival in Mt. View, Ca.
and it was very tasty. I would also skip the bottled versions of anything
from Winchester. Although this is one of the first brew-pubs that got me
hooked, I find the bottled versions boring and the pubs beers are not always

Unfortunately, many of the beers served yesterday left something to be desired.
Many seemed to be quite young and a few were completely off - Monterey
(as usual) and Boulder Creek Stout come to mind...

The Anderson Porter was delicious and a big hit, Mendocino Blue Heron Ale
was very disappointing yesterday, although I have had very good bottles in
the past. Anchor was there and thier products were great. They even had
Old Foghorn (Which used up about a third of my tokens!) Can you fit a keg
in your case? One from So. Ca. that I had never heard of "Rhino Chasers"
had a very nice ale. Can't think of any other great beers that are also
available in bottles represented yesterday, but one other mention is a
hefeweizen from Gordon Birsch (of which I got the last glass!) which was
very tasty. I don't believe they sell in bottles though.


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