From the HBD Archive
From: gkushmer@Jade.Tufts.EDU
Subject: Cranberry Ale
Date: 1992-07-20 16:33:37 GMT

Hi everyone,

I was interested in trying one of the Cranberry Ale recipies that I
saw in The Cats Meow 2 but have a couple of questions:

1) anyone ever try either of them and have some recommendations
to give?

2) should I use the bags of forzen cranberries that have been
in the house freezer door for three years? (I only
moved in recently - don't blame me!)

One other thing that has been bugging me - does anyone know of a source for
beer barrels other than Beer Wine and Hobby in Woburn, MA? I want
to give one of those a shot but don't like the prices (on anything)
at the only place that I know has any of these.


- --gk

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