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From: (Roddy McColl)
Subject: unknown
Date: 1992-07-20 16:42:13 GMT

JKL <JLAWRENCE@UH01.Colorado.EDU> writes
> Also, I'm going to a conference in Dallas in October. Did I
>read here that brewpubs are ILLEGAL in Texas, or was that some other
>sadly backwards state? If there are any in Dallas, I'd appreciate
> - Jane

'Fraid so, Jane. All thanks to Texas State government and Anheiser-Busch
(disclaimer: so the story goes). The law says something along the lines of
"alcoholic beverages may not be sold on the same premises as they are brewed."
The result is that all the breweries must have hospitality rooms or
give the stuff away, etc. but that brewpubs are forbidden.

However, I was talking with some friends about this the other
day, and one of them said that they knew of a place which made you
purchase coupons which could be then exchanged for beer. I don't know
if it would be possible to get round the law that way - maybe the ACLU
would be prepared to sponsor a test case ?

On the bright side, there are a number of micro breweries in
Texas whose products can be purchase in draught here in Dallas. So
it's not all woe. Just make sure you visit the Gingerman, at the
corner of the Quadrangle (everyone knows where that is).

Roddy McColl.

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