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From: Tom Bower <>
Subject: Yeast for a barleywine (recommendations please)?
Date: 1992-07-20 17:34:20 GMT

I've got barleywine on the brain, and am looking forward to making one now
for this winter's consumption. It'll be my first attempt, and I have a
question: I haven't seen much consensus on what yeast to use...

There seem to be several schools of thought:

- Use a wine yeast (exclusively)
- Use an ale yeast (exclusively)
- Use an ale yeast to start, then add a wine yeast later to finish

At the moment, I'm leaning toward using a hardy ale yeast; the triple-strain
Whitbread comes to mind, as (from what I read here on the HBD) it contains one
strain which will survive the higher alcohol levels. Also, I imagine the
SNPA American Ale yeast may do, since SN uses it for the Bigfoot. I'm trying
to look at this barleywine as a strong beer rather than as a wine, and hope-
fully de-emphasize the wineyness. All you barleywiners, what say ye??

Is the Whitbread 3-strain ale yeast available in liquid form? (like Wyeast?)

Any recommendations for a first-time BarleyWhiner?

Tom Bower.

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