From the HBD Archive
From: (Richard Stueven)
Subject: Re: Coffee Stout
Date: 1992-07-20 17:48:39 GMT

In HBD #924, Drew Scott writes:

>Does anyone have any experience with adding coffee to stouts?
>How much should be added so that there isn't an overpowering
>coffee flavor (assuming a 5 gallon batch) - just an ounce or two?
>And is it best to leave the beans whole?

For each of my two Coffee Stouts, I brewed a strong pot (8-10 cups) of
either Zimbabwe or Morroccan coffee from Peet's Coffees in Berkeley.
The flavor and aroma of good strong coffee was unmistakeable, but not
overwhelming. I rated the first batch as one of my top three ever. I
botched the third batch (didn't boil off nearly enough volume, so the
beer turned out Way Too Light) but the flavor was still quite good.

Both of these recipes are based on the one in Cat's Meow 2...sorry, I
don't have it here, so I can't give you the exact name or page number.

have fun

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